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Windows IPC/RPC technology question

Hi ZeroC, Hi everybody,

I asked an IPC related question on SO recently and since I mentioned ICE there I thought I'd mention it here.

The question "(...) tries to get an idea of which technologies would be suitable for a specific (...) distributed/RPC problem (...)" for a Windows C++/C# program.

*My personal* conclusion for ICE for the problem described at SO is quoted below, and if you like you can head over to SO and answer there or just throw in an answer here:
RPC technologies we've looked at:
(...) ICE (from ZeroC) - I would prefer ICE over CORBA anytime, after all it promises to be a "better CORBA" and I think it does deliver on that. However, their licensing policy is very suboptimal as they do not sell development licenses but only license per installation. (Well that's what they told us last time we asked end of 2009.) Their licensing policy also suggests that any 3rd party possibly interested in interfacing with our modules would first have to negotiate a license contract with ZeroC too.

You can find the full description of the problem here:
windows - The Application Split Challenge - fast+easy RPC technology? - Stack Overflow

thanks for reading,
- Martin