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Self access problem

A simple interface as below:
interface Hello
	string say();
and its implementation has been registered as a global object "hello" during initialization:
	Ice::ObjectPtr object = new HelloI();
	Ice::ObjectPrx obj = _adapter->add(object, Ice::stringToIdentity("hello"));
	IcePack::AdminPrx admin = IcePack::AdminPrx::checkedCast(
	admin->addObjectWithType(obj, "::Hello");
The problem is, inside the implemetation of Hello::say, cannot I access the "hello" object? The following code could not run.
HelloI::say(const Ice::Current& current)
	// thread blocked here
	HelloPrx hello = HelloPrx::checkedCast(
	return "hi";
What's wrong? :confused:


  • mes
    mes California

    I'm pretty sure that you're encountering a thread pool size limitation. The default size of the server thread pool is one, therefore if a server makes a call to itself the server will deadlock unless the size of the thread pool is increased.

    The property to set is Ice.ThreadPool.Server.Size.

    Take care,
    - Mark
  • Yeah, it's the problem. Thanks very much.:D
    I've seen the warning but I forgot this:p