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Active Support for Silverlight

Dear ZeroC team,

i was wondering what your perspective is on RIA / rich clients such as Silverlight 4 or Adobe Flex.

I agree with the focus on mobile clients such as Android, but would be interest in the demand for support for ZeroC for Silverlight 4 (with tcp/ip support).

WFC RIA is already doing a good job, but is very convoluted solution with tons of code generation that's hard to follow. Moreover, to support ZeroC service, I would have to go SL --> WFC --> .NET server -> Zero instead of SL -> ZerocC.

Best regards


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Frank,

    We already offer experimental for Silverlight, with TCP/IP support: our Silverlight labs project.

    Did you check it out?

    It's true that this project has not yet graduated to product status, and could also get refreshed to a more recent version of SilverLight. If you need Ice for SilverLight (or perhaps Ice for Flex/ActionScript) for a commercial project, please contact us at