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Ice for Android 0.2.0 released

It's been a little over two years since the last Labs release of Ice for Android. Since then, the Android implementation of the Java network APIs has improved significantly. We are now almost to the point that the standard Ice for Java run time can be used to build Android applications. Almost, but not quite yet. :)

The Ice for Android 0.2 release now consists mainly of sample projects. It also includes a small patch for Ice 3.4.1 that addresses some minor compatibility issues between Ice and Android. (These fixes will be incorporated into the next Ice release.)

Also included is a patched version of Ice.jar that you can use as a drop-in replacement for the one from a standard Ice 3.4.1 distribution.

Visit the Labs page to learn more about Ice for Android, or download it now to get started.

We have also made some minor changes to our Slice2Java plug-in for Eclipse. It is not mandatory to use this new version of the plug-in with Ice for Android 0.2. However, if you plan to build the Android sample projects, it will be easier for you if you use the latest version.

ZeroC Staff