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Glaicer2 sessionmanger config

wangjunwangjun Member wangjun javaOrganization: victopProject: ERP Integration
-! 02/17/11 15:52:04.395 glacier2router: warning: unable to contact session mana
ger `VictopSessionManager:tcp -h -p 10001'
Network.cpp:1387: Ice::ConnectionRefusedException:
connection refused: 远程计算机拒绝网络连接。

# The proxy of the session manager.
Glacier2.SessionManager=VictopSessionManager:tcp -h -p 10001

my code:
localAdapter.add(new SessionManagerI(), serverCommunicator().stringToIdentity("VictopSessionManager"));



  • xdmxdm La Coruña, SpainAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Jose Gutierrez de la ConchaOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: Ice Developer ZeroC Staff

    You get this exception because the connection to "tcp -h -p 10001" is refused.

    This could be caused by 2 reasons

    1) the server isn't listening on that ip/port.
    2) there is a firewall that prevent the connection to that ip/port.

    You can run your server with --Ice.Trace.Network=1 to check what ip/port the server listen.

    Best regards,
  • KevinHKevinH Member Kevin HitzlerOrganization: PersonalProject: Android Application
    edited May 2017

    Ups - wrong post. But helped me to solve my problem. Thanks.

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