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Help with ice and PHP5

I'm using XAMPP version 1.7.4, PHP version 5.3.5 and ice version 3.4.1 all on windows xp professional. I can see that my ice is installed correctly because ice is in my phpinfo(). I'm trying to open a php file and I get this message Fatal error: Call to undefined function Ice_loadProfile() in C:\xampp\htdocs\icedemo.php on line 11. I looked at this post were a guy was having a similar problem except on linux. My problem is I can't change the extension_dir = <ICE_HOME>/lib entry in my php.ini like Mes was talking about in the post because if I do it doesn't load php_ice.dll and I get all kinds of errors when apache comes up. I tryed copying the contents of the lib folder into my C:\xampp\php\ext folder and that didn't work either. Then I tryed copying all the dll files from inside of the ext folder into the lib folder and changing the entry in the php.ini file accordingly and still got the same error trying to load the php file in a browser. Any help or advice will be most appreciated.


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    Our PHP extension underwent some significant changes in Ice 3.4, such that the Ice_loadProfile function no longer exists. Refer to the "PHP changes" section of the release notes for more information.

  • I think I know what's wrong now. I'm trying to use this with mumble and none of the guides I looked at from mumble said I needed a certain version of ice but now I see I need 3.3.1. Instead of the new version I'm using 3.4.1 I found this here. Anyway thanks Mes for the help and post I might need some more help at some point.
  • Okay now I'm running ice version 3.3.1-VC60 and PHP version 5.2.6 so I'm compatible with mumble. But now I keep getting this error in my apache server log that says PHP Fatal error: Unable to start ice module in Unknown on line 0 when this happens the hole server crashes. Any ideas thanks in advance.