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What happened to ICE between 2005 and 2011??

Im curious: the latest version of ICE in 2004 was v2.00, in 2005 it was v3.3, and in 2011 it was ... v3.41.

From everything Ive seen, ICE is great: its powerful, the learning curve is short, it works well for me, its well documented, there is loads of demo code in all languages, the forum support is quick (<1 day turnaround), however:

Q. Did R&D halt on ICE for a while? Whats the history of ZeroC? How many developers are working on improving ICE at the moment? How mamy existing big name customers do you have at the moment?


  • marc
    marc Florida
    ZeroC has a long and fast growing list of customers, both big and small. Some of them are listed here. There are many others, but we do not get permission from every customer to list them on our Web pages.

    As for the pace of development of Ice, as with every mature product, most "big" features have been implemented already, and most of our work these days goes into supporting commercial customers, documentation (such as the recently released training material), and new programs and platforms, such as Ice Touch.

    As for versioning, when Ice was very young and features changed quickly, we changed version numbers in large increments accordingly. The smaller version number increments simply reflect that Ice is now a much more stable and mature project than it was six years ago.
  • marc
    marc Florida
    By the way, Ice 3.3 was released in 2008, not 2005 :)