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How can I run my ice server program in multi-threaded mode

I want to make the multi-threaded server ,that can make some proxys,and all the proxy run in their own self thread,that is ,I want my proxys run parallelly.
I make the example ,but they run in order like block callling in socket.


  • marc
    marc Florida
    Try changing this:
    To this:
    I.e., remove the ";'".
  • Thank a lot .
    Just this.

    But I feel "Ice.ThreadPool.Client.Size=10 ;" should equal to
    "Ice.ThreadPool.Client.Size=10 ".

    I have love ICE more than CORBA.

  • marc
    marc Florida
    Well, properties are free-form, so if you do:


    Then the value of Ice.Blah is "foo;", and not "foo".
  • I see
    Thanks your answer.