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ACM cause Ice.ConnectionLostException

When I run the ICE demo in debug mode,I find the client program will be throw Ice.ConnectionLostException sometimes. The debug info is below:
-- 2011/3/10 23:34:29:767 Protocol: sending close connection
message type = 4 (close connection)
compression status = 0 (not compressed; do not compress response, if any)
message size = 14
-- 2011/3/10 23:34:29:769 Network: sent 14 of 14 bytes via tcp
local address =
remote address =
In Ice.ConnectionLostException ......“Ice.dll” .....
-- 2011/3/10 23:34:29:805 Network: closing tcp connection
local address =
remote address =

In the document "Ice-Manual.pdf":
The default value of Ice.ACM.Client is 60, meaning an outgoing
connection is closed if it has not been used for sixty seconds.

Maybe this is the reason ?


  • ICE 3.3.1/3.4.1
    Windows XP/Win7
    On above platform,it will be appear.Maybe this is not an error.:)