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Digital Certificates


We are currently using Ice 3.3.1 running on Windows XP SP3.

When we initially started using Ice in our applications we noticed the apps took a long time to load. We believe this was a consequence of the .NET framework attempting to download the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and verify the code signed assemblies. Since our environment has no connection to the internet, this action eventually times out. We overcame the problem by modifying HKU.Software.Microsoft.Windows.CurrentVersion.WinTrust.TrustProviders.SoftwarePublishing.State = 23e00 (as part of our application installer).

This approach seems a bit of a hack. Is there a better way of dealing with this?

A couple of days ago we rebuilt a PC and reinstalled our applications. However the app running on the rebuilt PC appears to get stuck in the WaitingForActivation state when started by IceGrid.

I suspect the problem is something to do with authentication of Ice. Startup of the app gives up after ~15sec (which smells like CRL download timeout)This is puzzling since our installer modifies the registry to disable download of the CRL. Perhaps there is something else we have overlooked. Is there a way to determine if .NET is attempting a CRL download?

Cheers John :confused: