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Can a persisted proxy be reused after IceGrid restart?

If I persist a proxy by doing _ice_toString(), then IceGrid restarted, can that proxy still be used?

I'm guessing the answer is no unless IceGrid uses the same endpoint address for all adapters after it restarted?



  • mes
    mes California

    I'm assuming you're referring to indirect proxies here. If you convert an indirect proxy to a string, the resulting string will retain its indirect nature and have one of the following forms:
    • objectid (for a well-known object)
    • objectid @ adapterid
    • objectid @ replicaid
    Consequently, these proxies will continue to work regardless of how the IceGrid endpoint configurations change. Remember that, in order to resolve indirect proxies, a client only needs a proxy for the locator; as long as you update the client's locator proxy whenever the registry's client endpoints change, everything will work correctly.

  • Thats right. I'm referring to indirect proxies. I forgot about the fact that they are indirect.