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Visual studio add-in doesnt work somehow in vs2010

recently, I have installed vs2010, I have a project that created by vs2008 and ice 3.3.1 before , so I want to move it to vs2010 and ice 3.4.1
but problem comes after I set all thing up, I have installed vs2010 and ice3.4.1 and also the visual studio add-in update, then transform my 2008 project to 2010. The problem happened when I try to drag .ice file to my project, it should help me to auto compile the file I draged into. but it's not, instead, vs2010 pop ups a dialog which says the name of file you try to use is invalid .
Also I have done everything I can:re-install ice and add-in, re-config the whole things, even config the ice manualy to make it work in visual studio 2010, but doesnt work .

Does anyone know what happened?I need help.
thank you.

BTW,I use the visual studio 2010 ultimate, after installation , there is a ICE confirguation in the menu->tools, and I can edit it also .


  • Same question!
  • 朋友,你应该用的是中文版的VS,换成英文版的就可以了。

    Use the VS english version!