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IceGrid node: does not stream all traces to file?

I set the following properties in icegridnode config file:

The "err" file is empty, as expected.
The "out" file is not empty and contains the first few lines of the server's stdout after activation. After that the output of the servers go to their individual "out" files.
However, the output of the node itself does not appear in the "out" file.
e.g. the traces shown below are not in the file but do appear when I run the node without the Ice.StdOut property.

Is this the expected behavior?
Ice-3.4.1, Linux


-- 04/08/11 20:58:41.690 icegridnode: Activator: deactivating `xx.xx' using process proxy
-- 04/08/11 20:58:41.700 icegridnode: Activator: sent SIGTERM to server `xx.xx' (pid = 7586)
-! 04/08/11 20:58:41.700 icegridnode: warning: exception occurred while deactivating `xx.xx' using process proxy:
OutgoingAsync.cpp:639: Ice::FacetNotExistException:
facet does not exist:
identity: `xx.xx/admin'
facet: Process
operation: shutdown
-- 04/08/11 20:58:42.549 icegridnode: Activator: detected termination of server `xx.xx'


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Alex,

    I would expect all trace output of the IceGrid node to go to your Ice.StdErr file, and not the Stdout file, since the default logger writes to stderr.

    IceGrid.Node.RedirectErrToOut is only for the servers started by the IceGrid node, not the IceGrid node itself.

    On Linux, it would be even more common to run your icegridnode as a daemon and direct the logger (trace) output to the system log, with Ice.UseSyslog=1.

    Best regards,