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Compiling library that used ICE

I have a library that I need to compile in order for my iPad app to work. This library relies on ICE (written for ICE 3.4.1). In order to get this library to work, I'm trying to compile the library with IceTouch, but am having a lot of problems.

I guess my first question is: should I be trying to compile with the normal ICE 3.4.1 or IceTouch? I have managed to compile ICE 3.4.1 from source for i386, and it works fine with the simulator, but there are issues when trying to compile for armv7.

I'm still very new to ICE, and any help is appreciated.


  • matthew
    matthew NL, Canada
    If you are building for the iOS platform you should be using IceTouch. Please ensure that you review the platform requirements of the current IceTouch release... we don't yet support the latest Xcode version.
  • I'm still running XCode 3.2. From what I understand, IceTouch incorporates all of the other stuff like IceUtil into Ice. So when compiled, we no longer have IceUtil.h but rather that is folded into Ice.h. Is this right?

    The problem is the current libraries import IceUtil.h, which doesn't exist with the built IceTouch. Would I have to completely refactor the code, or is there a easier way to get around this?
  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Ice Touch supports only development in Objective-C.

    So if your existing library is a C++ library (for Windows, Mac, Linux...) using Ice for C++, you can't just rebuild it with Ice Touch. You will need to first port this library, or at least part of this library, to Objective-C.

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