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how can i config the icetouch on mac os?

hi , i want complier slice to objective-c for iphone,but when i install the icetouch-1.1 and excute the slice2objc, it prompt "commond is not found "

how can i config the environment on mac os?
in addition,is there some example for iphone?


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    When you install IceTouch using the installer from IceTouch-1.1.0.dmg, the following components are installed:
    This installer installs the following development kits:
     - Mac OS X command line SDK in /opt/IceTouch-1.1
     - Cocoa Xcode SDK in /Developer/SDKs/IceTouch-1.1/macosx.sdk
     - iPhone Xcode SDK in /Developer/SDKs/IceTouch-1.1/iphoneos.sdk
     - iPhone Simulator Xcode SDK in /Developer/SDKs/IceTouch-1.1/iphonesimulator.sdk
    An Xcode plugin for use with IceTouch is installed in:
    Documentation is installed in:
    Examples are installed in:

    To add the slice2objc compiler to your PATH, you can do the following:
    export PATH=/opt/IceTouch-1.1/bin:$PATH

    If you are planning to develop iPhone applications, you should use Xcode. The IceTouch Xcode plugin will take care of translating the .ice files for you and you won't have to worry about running slice2obj.

    Check out the documentation files installed in /Developer/Documentation/IceTouch-1.1 for more information and let us know if you still have unanswered questions after reading these files!