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Link errors when adding libGlacier2ObjC.a,libIceObjC.a

hello, we want to use Ice Touch on iPhone client. We installed it , compiled .ice files successfully. Now we should add libGlacier2ObjC.a,libIceObjC.a and some .dylib files into projects. But some errors like below occured when I build. Can anyone know and help me ? Thanks~
"std::basic_ofstream<char, std::char_traits<char> >::~basic_ofstream()", referenced from:
IceUtilInternal::ofstream::ofstream()in libIceObjC.a(FileUtil.o)


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    Can you tell us which Xcode version you're using?

    If you are using Xcode 3.2.3, you don't need to explicitly set the static archives libIceObjC and libGlacier2ObjC in the linker flags. Xcode should take care of adding those 2 static libraries and other required libraries (C++ library, ssl, etc) to the linker flags if you correctly set the the "Additional SDKs" property in your Xcode project settings. It should be set to /Developer/SDKs/IceTouch-1.1/$(PLATFORM_NAME).sdk (assuming you installed IceTouch from the installer). .

    This is also documented in paragraph 8 of the IceTouch release notes. I also recommend checking out the settings of the iPhone demo projects for some working project settings.

    Let us know if this still doesn't fix your issue!