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PublishedEndpoints for proxy

icenewbicenewb Member Marc BorgOrganization: PersonalProject: Distributed HW simulation
The following client code establishes a TCP connection from client to server ( on checkedCast().
Ice::CommunicatorPtr com = Ice::initialize();
SomePrx::checkedCast(com->stringToProxy("some:tcp -h -p 1234"));

On the other side, the server establishes a new TCP connection to the client which uses one of the IP addresses provided by the client during the initial connection.

Is it possible to restrict the set of IP addresses sent from client to server, i.e. to prevent the server from establishing a TCP connection to an unreachable IP? A property like proxy.PublishedEndpoints (similar to the respective Object Adapter property) does not seem to exist.

Using bidirectional connections would be a possible approach in some cases but if the source IP in the client -> server connection is not equal to the one to be used for server -> client connection, it is not a viable solution.

Thanks for your help.
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