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Ice-E 1.3.0 compilation errors with MSVC 2010 Express

Hi Folks,

Recently I was trying to compile Ice-E 1.3.0 with MSVC 2010 Express. It does not work out of the box because of compilation errors in the following files:
  • Base64.cpp
  • BasicStream.cpp
  • and ObjectAdapter.cpp.
Most of the errors are caused by the undefined back_inserter. It could be easily fixed by adding
#include <iterator>
The same is true for cppe/test/IceE/operations/TestI.cpp

I did not test it on any other platforms yet, but AFAIK <iterator> is a standard include file. However it might be different on some embedded platforms.

Anyway, I thought it might be helpful for someone else trying to build IceE with MSVC2010.