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slice2freezej problem

I'm having an issue with silce2freezej...I just can't get it to work. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Here's a simple slice file I created called
module test {
    struct MyStruct {
        int num;
        string s;

Then I try to generate the Java class:
slice2freezej --dict MyMap,string,test.MyStruct

I get the error "slice2freezej: error: `test.MyStruct' is not a valid type." What am I doing wrong?




  • mes
    mes California
    Hi Isaac,

    When referring to Slice types, you need to use the Slice syntax, not the Java syntax. Replace test.MyStruct with test::MyStruct and it should work.

  • Ah, thanks. That works. FYI, section 39.6.3 in the manual is wrong then. I was following that example, which uses the Java notation.
  • mes
    mes California
    Thanks, I've fixed this in the 3.4.2 manual.