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how to do file transfer when use iceStrom

I want to use the iceStrom to do some file transfer. That is the publisher should send a file
to all the subscribers through iceStrom. I realy want to know that does the iceStrom Service
support this action? How can I implement this through Ice?
Thanks !


  • marc
    marc Florida
    For a simple form of file transfer, you could send the files as a sequence of bytes, or a series of sequence of bytes. Have a look at this FAQ for details: How do I transfer a file with Ice? - ZeroC Documentation - ZeroC

    However, IceStorm is really designed for the distribution of events, not for the distribution of files. I recommend to have a look at IcePatch2 as an alternative.
  • thanks

    Thank you very much! I have seen the IcePatch2
    service . May be it could meet my requirement better, so i will try to do the file distribution throuth it. Thanks.