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IceStorm-Federation: many hops

I've seen that IceStorm-Federation only supports at most one hop-semantics. For me it would be nice to be able to forward messages through a whole tree: so I need more than one hop.

Is there a reason for only supporting one hop?
However, is there a way to implement a system based on IceStorm which is able to support more than one hop? if yes: how?


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Thomas,

    Instead of using links, you could implement your own subscribers: these subscribers would publish the received messages to one or more "downstream" topics (after possibly some filtering).

  • I also thought of that but isn't it a bit inefficient because maybe a message has to be transferred to another process to be transferred back to IceStorm in many loops.

    Summing up: it is not possible to do in an efficient way. If there are more people that have the same problem then this can be transformed to a feature request for future Ice-Releases ;)

    Have a nice day!