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Solaris 11 support?

With the Early Adopters release of Solaris 11 having just recently come out, I was just curious what ZeroC's plans (if any) were in regards to supporting Solaris 11?


- Darren


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Darren,

    We will most likely support Solaris 11 in a future release. It's also likely that the latest Ice release (3.4.2) already works fine on Solaris 11 ... please give it a try and let us know.

    Another question is which C++ compiler for Solaris/SPARC?

    Unfortunately, the compiler we currently support (GCC 4.3 for Sun Systems) has either disappeared or become very hard to find.

    The "natural" choice on Solaris would be Solaris Studio, if only it provided a good standard library: see C++ FAQ.

    The standard library choices are:
    - the default, very antiquated and limited standard library that comes with the compiler
    - a very old version of STLPort, that also comes with the compiler (as an alternative standard library)
    - a third standard library, such as the Apache C++ standard library

    Do you have a preference?