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A question about icebox service call icegrid object

I write a scheduler in IceBox. This service call the remote collecting service in Icegrid. I can write client to call the collectiong service very well. But my scheduler in IceBox get wrong message as following. Please tell me how to do with?! I never set the '-t'. My ice.config is :

Ice.Default.Locator=WorkerGrid/Locator:default -h -p 4061

proxy = "RegisterTask -t"
at IceInternal.ConnectRequestHandler.initialized(
at IceInternal.ConnectRequestHandler.connect(
at Ice._ObjectDelM.setup(
at Ice.ObjectPrxHelperBase.createDelegate(
at Ice.ObjectPrxHelperBase.__getDelegate(
at CollectionServer.RegisterPrxHelper.registerTask(
at CollectionServer.RegisterPrxHelper.registerTask(
at com.mousedou.monitor.scheduler.core.PublishTask.publishTask(