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Unicode handling in IcePy

It seem like the unicode handling in IcePy is asymmetric, since Python unicode sent into the marshaling code will be transcoded to UTF-8 while strings received will be plain UTF-8, which is not all that useful in practice. Using Ice.Plugin.Converter - as suggested in - won't do the trick, since changing the encoding won't affect the type (str vs. unicode).

The workaround we're using right now is to change Python's default encoding from ascii to UTF-8, but this is kind of a hack. There are several ways to accomplish this, we're using the following approach (this is no recommendation, but it's a workaround that does the trick and works ok in our specific environment):
import sys
del sys.setdefaultencoding

The alternative is to use the decode method a lot (like mystruct.stringMember.decode('UTF-8'), which is really error prone.

All of this is happening in Ice-3.4.2/py/modules/IcePy/Types.cpp, changing it shouldn't be too hard.

In the function "IcePy::PrimitiveInfo::marshal" when a string is encountered, writeString() is called, which detect and automatically convert a python unicode type to a UTF8 string, if Py_USING_UNICODE is defined.

However, in the function "IcePy::PrimitiveInfo::unmarshal" Ice strings are only returned as plain Python strings which are UTF-8 encoded, and there is no option to get a Python unicode value at all.

This behaviour is very asymmetric, and means that if you're working in a pure unicode environment, you have to manually convert every string you receive from Ice into a python unicode using .decode('utf-8').

What would be much better is to have a configuration option that would instruct IcePy to always convert Ice strings to Python unicode types.



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    Hi Michael,

    I agree, the current behavior could use some improvement. This is on our list of things to fix for the next release.