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IceGrid Deployment Exception unkown server template IceStorm


When doing an application update in the icegridadmin conole I get the following error:

IceGrid:: DeploymentException:unkown server template 'IceStorm'.

What sorts of mistakes could be producing this message?

My icegrid.xml contains the line:

<server-instance template="IceStorm" instance-name="ForceDeviceIceStorm"/>

And in the configuration file for the icegridnode having the registry I've introduced the line:

IceGrid.Registry.DefaultTemplates=C:\Program Files\ZeroC\Ice-3.4.1\config\templates.xml

I've triple checked my templates.xml and the template is definitively there.

I am obviously missing something but I am stuck as to what this could be. Any hints?

Luis Molina-Tanco


  • Sorted


    I was missing import-default-templates="true" within the application entry in the icegrid.xml.

    Hope this helps in case someone has the same problem.