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dmitry.medvedevdmitry.medvedev Member Dmitry N. MedvedevOrganization: PersonalProject: Casual Game Analytics Dashboard ✭✭

( seems like I've got bunch of questions today. sorry for verbosity )

I have tried to retrieve StdOut log of my IceGridRegistry via the IceGridGUI.jar, but all of a sudden the program notified me that it failed to open the log file:

reason="failed to open file /var/log/zeroc.com/grid.out"

The same exception I got when I tried to view a log file of one of my services deployed in the IceBox.

The question is: should I create log files for the IceGridRegistry and my services manually before they start or is it just some soft of mistake in the IceGridRegistry and services implementation.

I guess this might be a bug just because log files for IceBox are automatically created upon start, which is not the case with the IceGridRegistry and my services.

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