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DispatchStatus.jav interface replaced with DispatchStatus enum in post 3.2.1

I am trying to build my Java application with ice version 3.4.1 but one of library used in the application with internal dependency of ice 3.2.1 is not able to build with 3.4.1. The reason is that dispatchstatus interface has been removed from versions later than 3.2.1 and replaced with enum. is ICE not backward compatible? What is required to resolve this problem?

cannot access IceInternal.DispatchStatus
class file for IceInternal.DispatchStatus not found
public class MyListener extends _IResponseListenerDisp implements JmxVisitable {


  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain

    Seems your library include generated code with Ice-3.2.1 and you try to build it with Ice-3.4.1, that isn't posible, binary compatibility is only granted for patch releases.

    Ice always maintains protocol ("on the wire") compatibility with prior releases.

    DispatchStatus interface in 3.2.1 emulate an enum, because JDk-1.4 has not enum support, as 3.4.0 we removed support for JDK-1.4 and switch to use native enums.