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Ice documentation to be translated into Chinese

ZeroC today announced that it signed an agreement with the Chinese middleware-specialist Weida Ma to translate the Ice manual "Distributed Programming with Ice" into Chinese. The translation is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2004, and select chapters may be published earlier.

Weida Ma has many years of experience using distributed communications software and translating computer books and manuals. His work includes the translation of the titles "C++ Network Programming Volume 2" and "The Pragmatic Programmer".

"I am thrilled to work on the Ice manual," said Weida Ma. "Ice is the most advanced distributed communications platform available. My translation of the documentation will further increase the popularity of Ice in China."

"Ice has become one of the most popular middleware platforms around the world, and especially in China," said Marc Laukien, President of ZeroC, Inc. "Translating our documentation into Chinese was the next logical step for us. We are pleased to have found an experienced middleware expert to work on the translation."