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Changing topic of Icebox Clock Demo - Newbie


Sorry for the beginner question, but I don't think I'm understanding icebox properly. I've run the demo clock, both locally and on several hosts. Great documentation!

I have created my own publisher and subscriber, but don't know how to get icebox working for my own apps. In the demo, it clearly states that it is loading topic "time" from the database. id: DemoIceStorm/topic.time
Do I need to use the Hello IceBox demo as a model to build my own icebox app for the topic I'd like to use? If that's true, how does one icebox service many topics?



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Jeff,

    Welcome to our forums!

    I think you're mixing up IceBox and IceStorm a little bit here:

    - IceBox is a very simple server that can load a number of services (IceBox services, packaged as DLLs).

    - IceStorm is a topic-based publish-subscribe service, and the IceStorm "server" happens to be packaged as an IceBox service.

    If you want to create new IceStorm topics, you don't need additional IceStorm instances: you can create many topics with a single IceStorm service running in your IceBox server.

    And if you want to create your own IceBox service, this is unrelated to IceStorm and IceStorm topics. Your IceBox service can nevertheless be a publisher or subscriber, just like any non-IceBox-based application.

    Hope this is clearer now.

  • Hi Bernard,

    Your explanation is very helpful. I have a much better fundamental grasp now.

    Thank you,