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IceTouch with Automatic Reference Counting Enabled


I am new to using IceTouch. I am trying to add a simple .ice file to a iOS 5 based project built using ARC enabled. The following are the things I did:

1. I added /Developer/SDKs/IceTouch-1.2/iphoneos.sdk in the "Additional SDKs" field in "Build Settings".
2. I added a simple .ice file ( from the chat demo example) and added it the project.
3. I added the following lines to one of my header files where I want to use an ice connection

#import <Ice/Ice.h>
#import <Chat.h>

4. I then compiled the code.

I get the following error in the Object.h file (Location of the file - /private/var/folders/hj/nk88hkqj7wn2d6vxg25j20tr0000gn/C/

Automatice Reference Counting Issue
Must explicitly describe intended ownership of an object array parameter.

The error occurs for the following function definition:
int ICEInternalLookupString(NSString *[], size_t, NSString *);

My question is the following:
Is ARC not supported by IceTouch at all or am I doing something wrong. The reason I am asking if IceTouch is supported is because I see a number of "@property&quot; definitions with "retain" type. I believe this is not required for ARC and "strong" is the type needed for ARC. If ARC is not supported, is my only option to use non ARC based project? Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Sidenote: It will be great if there is a small article providing a simple "howto" to start using icetouch in an iOS project. I was not able to find any such howto in the Ice manual.