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Web UI frameworks


I'm working on designing a web-based front-end for my distributed system (based on ICE). I'm wondering if there are web UI frameworks that natively support ICE and has a server-side support (I want to use a push-based mechanism). I'm guessing it will have to be Java-based since PHP and C# have no server-side support at the moment.



  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    Hi Michael,

    I'm not aware of any Web framework that include "Ice support", but should be easy to integrate Ice with your favorite Java/C#/PHP/Python web frameworks.

    Also if you want to use a Push based mechanism you can consider to create the front-end using flash/flex and use Ice for ActionScript to talk with your Ice servers. You can also consider using a Java applet for that.
  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    And please note that there is full server-side support in Ice for .NET/C#.

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  • This is a really good question.
    Generally speaking, in client side, you have to depend on some sort of plugin mechanism such as activeX or applet if you want to do something from the browser because browsers don't provide the capability to allow you to manipulate the socket level stuff directly. However, the thing is changing. The new html5 standard has websocket , I think which deserves attention.

    So far ICE, inherently, it is a distributed computing technical stack but not web-oriented. it is more suitable to establish server side infrastructure rather than work as a Web framework. Websocket might be a good chance for ICE to come into the spotlight again ,but
    it depends on their ambitions. ^_*. One of funny things is they would rather spend time on the actionscript than html5/javascript. It is really hard to understand.