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_chat and Chat cannot resolve to a type: Chat Demo

Evening, hope I'm messaging the right person!

Exactly as the title suggests, I'm having trouble running java based clients (Android too) in elipse.

Pride aside, this is hopefully a sign of my inability to follow instruction and nothing too drastic!

All this is done on a windows 2003 server virtual machine.

Having taken down your sample code for the Android Chat Demo client, opened it in a copy of eclipse which has the slive2java plugin (slice2java 3.4.1 for ice 3.4.1 and Android 0) installed, I now have but a handful of errors (12) all referring to _chat and Chat.

The errors tell me that both _chat and Chat cannot be resolved or resolved to a type.

The rest of the program seems happy, the Ice library has been attached and the classpath is pointing to Ice.jar

I have had this message with the Java Chat Demo Client as well, but I figure this is setup issue so would expect that.

cheers, hope you're having a good'un!



  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Hi Pete,

    Welcome to our forums!

    I am not sure what the problem is, however, I recommend you start by:
    - upgrading to the latest version of Ice (3.4.2)
    - upgrade your Slice2Java eclipse plugin to the latest version (3.4.2)
    - try the Android demos included in the Ice 3.4.2 binary distribution (installed by default in <documents>\ZeroC\Ice-3.4.2-demos\demoj\android)

    In particular, the code for the Android chat demo is already in there.