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warning: found unknown properties - service never activating

RonnieDayRonnieDay Member Ronnie DayOrganization: RBCCMProject: FIC Pricing

Please help me. My service will never enter the activated state. It stays stuck in the activating state even though I have called activate.

I am initialising my service using the following code:

var adapter = communicator().createObjectAdapterWithEndpoints(config.GetName(), "tcp");
var id = communicator().stringToIdentity(config.GetName());
var query = new QueryI();
adapter.add(query, id);

and my application.xml looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<application name="@AGENT[email protected]">

<replica-group id="@AGENT[email protected]">
<load-balancing type="round-robin" />
<object identity="@AGENT[email protected]" type="::foo::bar::InterfaceIce::Query" />

<server-template id="@AGENT[email protected]">
<parameter name="index" />
<server id="@AGENT[email protected]${index}" exe="@[email protected]\App.exe" activation="manual">
<adapter name="@AGENT[email protected]" endpoints="tcp" replica-group="@AGENT[email protected]" />
<property name="Identity" value="@AGENT[email protected]" />
<property name="configPath" value="@AGENT[email protected]"/>
<property name="pluginPath" value="@AGENT[email protected]"/>
<property name="agentType" value="@AGENT[email protected]"/>

<node name="Node1">
<server-instance template="@AGENT[email protected]" index="1" />

<node name="Node2">
<server-instance template="@AGENT[email protected]" index="2" />


Note. The @'s denoted values above are substituted.

The only thing I can see in the logs is this coming from standard error:

-! 24/04/2012 11:01:56:514 foo.bar.appName-1: warning: found unknown properties for object adapter `foo.bar.appName':

Any ideas ?
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