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The error occur where I update the version from ICE3.2.1 to ICE3.4.2!

#include <Ice/Service.h>
namespace CRC{

class Server : public Ice::Service


int main(int argc, char* argv[])

CRC::Server app;//error C2259:The abstract class Cannot be Instantiated

But when I run the same code in the ICE3.2.1 it can work without any error.
I guess the reason for this error is that I update the version from ICE3.2.1 to ICE3.4.2!
How can I solve this problem?
thanks very much .
ateng 2012.5.12


  • I have solve the problem.

    error:bool Ice::Service::start(int,char *[],int &)”: is abstract.

    //my code as follow:
    class Server : public Ice::Service

    bool Server::start(int argc, char* argv[])

    I modify it as follow:

    virtual bool start(int, char*[], int&);

    It pass.