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ZeroC announces 500 Ice downloads in 3 days

marcmarc FloridaAdministrators, ZeroC Staff Marc LaukienOrganization: ZeroC, Inc.Project: The Internet Communications Engine ZeroC Staff
ZeroC announces 500 Ice downloads in 3 days

Only three days after the first public announcement, the number of Ice downloads hit the 500 mark.(*)

Marc Laukien, President of ZeroC, said: "The enormous interest in Ice exceeds by far our expectations. It looks as if we hit the nerve of the OO middleware developer community: Finally a new, powerful but simple replacement for CORBA and DCOM."

To join the growing Ice community, log on to ZeroC's web site http://www.zeroc.com, and join our user forum at http://www.zeroc.com/vbulletin.

(*) 500 downloads of the documentation. Duplicate downloads (from the same site) have been filtered out.

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