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Marmalade SDK ICE client support...

raulgdraulgd Member Raul GuerreroOrganization: JimiProject: RI of mexican standard of Electronic Health Record

It would be really cool to support the Marmalade SDK, this is a C++ mobile cross-platform toolchain and library.

It has its own patented universal binary format, so you compile the binary and run native anywhere, it's really cool stuff.

I've been playing around the library, and it has full support for standard C++ and STL, C sockets for networking, and a lot of other stuff. Also, it supports through something called EDK (Extensions Development Kit) in which you can take native libraries like iOS/Objective-C or Java/Android libraries, and call them from inside Marmalade.

It would be cool to have either a C++ implementation of Marmalade, or an EDK version for each mobile like Android and iOS extensions to be transparently used from Marmalade.

The best thing could be the ICE client library purely made from the SDK library only, so that way, ICE could take full advantage of the universal binary use, and so it would provide ICE use for all Marmalade supported platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry native SDK, Bada, and others), perhaps it's not that hard to port the current ICE C++ client to Marmalade.

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