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Unmarshalling multiple out parameters with dynamic invocation

This is probably basic, but I cannot figure out the answer from the documentation. I am doing dynamic ice invocation to interface with a language (LISP) for which I don't have full ICE mappings.

If I have this slice declaration
string printStringCount2(string in1, string in2, out string strout);

I call
proxy->ice_invoke("pringStringCount2", Ice::Normal, inParams, outParams);

I now need to read 2 return values from outParams stream, one for strout and one for the string returned by the function. Which order will they be in?




  • mes
    mes California

    Use the protocol docs as your guide here. For a successful reply message, the results are encoded as the out parameters (in order of declaration), followed by the return value (if non-void).

  • OK, thanks, that is what I needed.