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Generating Ice protocol over TCP for load test

Hi, we're trying to stress test a ICE implementation by generating ICE over TCP traffic through a system that is based on jmeter.

We are running into some issues when generating the script via sending multiple threads of TCP traffic to an ICE server. Does anyone have any experience in this arena?



  • While I no longer have access to the code, and therefore can't provide details, I can verify that in a past life (i.e. working for a different company), I was able to use JMeter in order to run performance tests using ICE. Using JMeter, I was able to issue tests on multiple threads (up to 50). At some point there is a limit when running JMeter on one machine (but you can string multiple instances of JMeter together; I never attempted that).

    In terms of threads, I don't recall an issue specific to JMeter. However, you should understand how Ice deals with threads and how you have to configure your Ice client (assuming you are load testing your Ice server) in general. One you understand that, you should treat JMeter as any Ice client.

    It's been a while, so I don't recall what you might mean about generating a script. I mostly used the GUI interface for JMeter.

    In order to communicate using ICE, you must extend JMeter (it's pretty straight forward) to speak ICE using the interface(s) that you defined.

    We also had a web (http) front end for our application, so I performed testing both at the http and at the ICE level. I found JMeter to be useful.