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the subscription is canceled

subscriber:red hat enterprise linux 5.4

publishers and subscribers are running, the publisher released data quickly, four threads simultaneously sending data, the data interval 20ms.Now restart your subscribers, subscription unsuccessful.

[08/21/12 11:22:59.517 server-icestorm-3-c: Subscriber: 0xcae8350 transition from online to error]
[08/21/12 11:22:59.517 server-icestorm-3-c: Subscriber: 0xcae8350 datasrv / fep-respond-a: subscriber errored out: Reference.cpp: 1546: Ice :: NoEndpointException:
no suitable endpoint available for proxy `datasrv / fep-respond-a-o @ server-datasrv-a.scadaAdapter 'retry: 0/0]
[08/21/12 11:22:59.530 server-icestorm-3-c: Subscriber: 0xcae8350 transition from error to reaped]
Appear above the log, the subscription is canceled.