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In Xcode- Lexical or Preprocessor issue 'SUPQueueConnection.h' file not found

Hi All,

We already add 'SUPQueueConnection.h' file to the Project Navigator still getting the error which is "Lexical or Preprocessor issue 'SUPQueueConnection.h' file not found".

Can anyone help us.:confused:


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    Hi Dhanraj,

    What OS X and IceTouch version are you using? The IceTouch-1.2.2-Xcode-4.5.dmg was build wit out support for OS X 10.7, as a result if you are developing in OS X 10.7 the Ice Xcode plug-in will fail to load and could cause that problem.

    We have just released an IceTouch update that address this issue and is compatible with both OS X 10.7 and 10.8. You can download this new update from ZeroC - Download Ice Touch 1.2.2 it is named IceTouch-1.2.2-2-Xcode-4.5.dmg

    If that doesn't solve your problem, could you give us some more details, OS X and IceTouch versions, and if posible a test case to reproduce the problem.