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IceGrid: specifying Ice.Config in XML possible?


we are using IceGrid for a distributed application.
Now we would like to use the IceGrid deployment mechanism for starting/stopping applications.

All executables need to be started with --Ice.Config=params.txt where each application has a separate parameter containing several entries

Using Properties did not work since IceGrid creates its own Ice.Config file for the executable.
An additionally specified file gets ignored since only the first --Ice.Config= parameter gets used.
Also, the file specified as <property name="Ice.Config" value="params.txt"/> does not get appended to the existing --Ice.Config= parameter generated by IceGrid.

Using Commandline Options is also not possible since we would need to keep the parameter values in sync in two places.

My question is if this is doable with a current installation of Ice 3.4.2?
Or if we need to write a special deployment program which first parses the IceGrid XML configuration, adds parameters from a config file as a second step and then deploys the application?

Any hints are highly appreciated.


  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France
    Hi Manfred,

    It isn't possible to get IceGrid to load properties from multiple configuration files. The easiest is probably to load your configuration file programmatically from the server code, you can pass some application specific command line argument to specify your configuration file path and your code would use the Ice::Properties load method to load it.

  • Hello Benoit,

    thanks for the fast answer.
    Since we already do some command line processing we might as well enhance it to include an additional parameter for configuration files.