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How can I know the active services which are running in IceBox

I want to show the list of services which are running in IceBox

You can start or stop a service with iceboxadmin dynamically, but I think iceboxadmin don't have option that show the service list in IceBox.

Do I know the way to get that list ?


  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    If you use IceGrid, the IceGrid Admin graphical tool shows the list of running services, and allows you to start/stop individual services: see IceGrid Admin.

    iceboxadmin allows you to start and stop services, but does not provide a 'list all services' command. There is no such list operation on the IceBox::ServiceManager either. If you want to write your own IceBox admin tool, you could retrieve the list of services by reading the IceBox.Service.* properties of your IceBox server. The best way to do this remotely is through the Properties facet of the Ice.Admin object.

    Then, if you want to be notified when a service is started or stopped, you need to implement an IceBox service observer, and add this observer to your IceBox service manager.

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