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Ice 3.5b -- IceGridGUI now requires javafx

mefostermefoster Member Mary Ellen FosterOrganization: Heriot-Watt University, EdinburghProject: ECHOES learning environment ✭✭✭
Hello all,

I was very excited to see that Ice 3.5b is released! I've been test-compiling it on Fedora, and I note that the IceGrid GUI Admin tool now uses javafx. This is unfortunately only available with the Sun JDK (JavaFX Developer Home) and the open-source version doesn't seem to be ready yet (OpenJDK: OpenJFX Project). This is unfortunate, as it means that part of the GUI (it looks like it's the un-documented "metrics views") can't be built with OpenJDK as yet.

Is this intentional? How vital are the javafx classes?

All the best,



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