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Patch for generating documented PHP code

nathanbnlnathanbnl Member Nathan DeveloperOrganization: IPerityProject: telephony services
The slice2java compiler copies block comments from Slice files to the generated Java classes. This enables IDEs to display information about Slice methods/properties.
This patch also includes this functionality in the slice2php compiler.

Also, much type information is lost during the translation, because php does not have parameter types or return types. This patch also adds such information by adding annotations to the php sources. These can be used with reflection to provide run-time type information.

 * @iceType ::MyDemo::Interfaces::HelloWorld
 * @iceKind interface
interface MyDemo_Interfaces_HelloWorld
	 * Says hello world.
	 * @returnType MyDemo_HelloStruct
	 * @returnIceType ::MyDemo::HelloStruct
	 * @paramType name string
	 * @paramType location MyDemo_Location
	public function helloWorld($name, $location);
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