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Demos on ICE

Hi everybody,

I am going to give a talk on ICE to a group of university lecturers and GNU/Linux enthusiasts at an enginnering college of my place (Nagpur, India). It is one among several talks by different people about software technologies pertaining to GNU/Linux. I have been preparing for it for some time and have some material ready. However, I don't have much code to demonstrate how the whole thing works. I would be grateful if somebody can send in some working demos using ICE, or even bigger applications that can be exlained in context.

The talk is on 11 May. So, it would be nice if I can get some by 10th or earlier.



  • marc
    marc Florida
    Why not use some of the demos included in Ice in the "demo" directory?
  • Hi Marc,

    The demos that come with ICE are really good and I will be using them already. I am just wondering if I could get some additional "higher-level" demo apps as not all of my audience are going to be from the Distributed Programming mainstream or some even from the Computer Science discipline. Apart from attempting to explain how good ICE architecturally is, I also want to give them a good high-level overview using the demos.

  • bernard
    bernard Jupiter, FL
    Maybe you could use the Wish poster ( to illustrate how Ice is used in an interesting real-world application?

  • Hello Bernard,

    Yes, the poster would be useful. Thanks for showing the link. I couldn't have noticed it in the long sequence of posts that it was in.