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Question on the wish poster

Hi there,

I've got a question concerning your Wish poster.

There's a messaging service mentioned which is implemented using IceBox/ C++ (upper left corner).
Probably due to limited knowledge of the Wish internals I wonder why you didn't use icestorm to implement that messaging service.
What were the design considerations (use cases) for implementing an isolated messaging service?

And if the messaging service is superior to IceStorm, is it likely that you are going to release the Wish messaging service?!

I'm curious because I'm about to do a similar design decision in order to have a messaging service for an application.




  • marc
    marc Florida
    The messaging service of Wish, called "Entity Mediator", is neither superior nor inferior to IceStorm. It is simply different. IceStorm is a multi-purpose messaging service, whereas the Wish Entity Mediator is highly specialized for online games.

    It will definitely not become part of the Ice distribution. For one, it is way too specialized for a multi-purpose communications middleware, such as Ice. And it is also the heart and soul of Wish, which is proprietary and not released under GPL.