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Building Ice 3.5 with clang

pchapin Vermont, USA
I noticed that Ice 3.5 now supports clang. I'm interested in building Ice from source on my Linux system using clang v3.2. However, I don't see any information in cpp/INSTALL.LINUX about this; the only compiler mentioned there is gcc. Is it just a matter of setting the CC and/or CXX environment variables before doing 'make' or is there more that is necessary?



  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    The Clang support in Ice 3.5.0 is just for OS X builds, and we officially only support the Clang version that comes with Xcode 4.6.

    Building with Clang in Linux will probably work but we don't yet support this configuration, note that you might also need to build the third party packages with clang.

  • pchapin
    pchapin Vermont, USA
    Thanks for the clarification. I guess i'm not ready to strike out into uncharted (aka unsupported) territory just yet so I'll stick with gcc on Linux for now.