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Support windows server 2012 Registered I/O

Is there a plan to support the the Windows Server 2012 Registered I/O?

We use ICE as our NOSQL database interface, as you know, NOSQL have a huge number of invocation per sec, And most of the invocation from localhost(IPC roundtrips).

Because the network latency, the efficiency is very low.

Consider the low latency of RIO, and minor modifications as compared to shared memory interface, If ICE can support RIO in future, that will really help to us.



  • benoit
    benoit Rennes, France

    We currently don't have immediate plans to use this API but we will certainly consider it if there's customer demand for it. I'm curious... do you encounter limitations right now with the current Ice version? How is your Ice front-end database API accessing the NoSQL database? Through a network connection or is the database embedded within your Ice database service?

  • Hi benoit,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We have indeed encountered a bottleneck because network latency.

    The NoSQL database embedded within our Ice database service, Ice front-end to the database is In-process memory read/write.

    Now we have about 16,000 times twoway IPC invocation per second, and on Virtual machine even less, only reach 5,000/s on EC2 Virtual Machine. Estimated 80,000/s is our demand.

    The database have ability to deal with 100,000/s, so we now expect RIO or shared memory.