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Exposure of HA IceStorm status?

simon Netherlands
Hi all,

I've been looking at how to discover the current status of my Highly Available IceStorm replicas. From what I can see, only icestormadmin can be used to retrieve the current HA IceStorm status. After looking at its sources, it seems to use Slice definitions that are not exposed to other applications, such as getReplicaNode, IceStormElection::NodePrx, etc.

My use case is the following. I want to control startup of my application in a way that it will not start, unless the IceStorm replica's are in a normal state, as opposed to reorganization. If my app starts when there are not three IceStorm's available yet, subscribing to topics might fail.

The only way I can currently do this is to use the CLI icestormadmin. However, I use python for setting up and administrating my IceGrid, so having to call a CLI program and parsing output just for checking the HA IceStorm replication state seems like I'm missing something.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.
Kind regards,
Simon de Hartog (SpeakUp BV)