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Ice 3.5.0 generated code doesn't compile


When I compile the following slice, the generated code doesn't compile :

module MyModule
exception MyException
string message;

Here is the error messages
[ERROR] /E:/svn/Arte/stdlib_trunk/stdlib-ice/target/generated-sources/slice/MyModule/[23,8] E:\svn\Arte\stdlib_trunk\stdlib-ice\target\generated-sources\slice\MyModule\ MyModule.MyException is not abstract and does not override abstract method __readImpl(IceInternal.BasicStream) in Ice.UserException

[ERROR] /E:/svn/Arte/stdlib_trunk/stdlib-ice/target/generated-sources/slice/MyModule/[57,13] E:\svn\Arte\stdlib_trunk\stdlib-ice\target\generated-sources\slice\MyModule\ startWriteSlice(java.lang.String,int,boolean) in IceInternal.BasicStream cannot be applied to ()

[ERROR] /E:/svn/Arte/stdlib_trunk/stdlib-ice/target/generated-sources/slice/MyModule/[78,15] E:\svn\Arte\stdlib_trunk\stdlib-ice\target\generated-sources\slice\MyModule\ startSlice(java.lang.String,int,boolean) in Ice.OutputStream cannot be applied to ()

Could you please let me know what is going wrong here ?


Nader Soukouti


  • xdm
    xdm La Coruña, Spain
    Hi Nader,

    The code you posted should compile fine with 3.5, seems like you are using slice2java from Ice 3.4 and Ice.jar file from Ice 3.5.

    If you are using the Slice2Java Ant Task to build your source, take a look at Using the Slice Compiler for Java - Ice 3.5 - ZeroC
  • Hi Jose,

    You are right. I mixed 3.5.0 and 3.4.2
    Thank you very much for your support !